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Antoine B. Carrière

Antoine has been in business for himself since he was able to work, generating his first job by shovelling neighbours driveways in grade school. This perpetual entrepreneur has tried his hand in many types of jobs, organizations, sectors and calls entrepreneurship his home.


Antoine has launched multiple businesses over the past 20 years and has made his businesses his main source of income since 1997 where he registered his first partnership (D.D.L.) working in the field of event management and leadership development of postsecondary student leaders. Antoine then transitioned to an Ottawa-based events and communications firm where he led initiatives locally, provincially and nationally, after which he left seeking new challenges and management opportunities.


After some time as a contractor, Antoine became an employee and tried his hand at the federal government, helping to develop the Asian market for Canadian agricultural products, the maintenance of an global information system and helping coordinate the government’s involvement in major sporting events hosted in Canada. 


In 2013, Antoine left the government and returned to being in business for himself. He has since focused his time and energy to helping people reach their goals, primarily in the areas of entrepreneurship and personal development through coaching, training, facilitating and writing. His personal why is to create awareness and inspire people so that they become better and are happier. He is achieving this mission by creating companies and authoring books that will change people’s lives. 


Antoine is happily married to Véronique since 2010. He is born, raised and still lives in Ottawa, Canada’s national capital. He attended an arts high school where he studied visual arts and is an alumnus of the University of Ottawa where he graduated with a bachelor degree in Psychology and in Communication (interpersonal). He enjoys spending his down time painting, taking pictures, creating meals and in the company of good friends. 

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