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How to Create Your Customer Avatar

Buyer persona. Marketing persona. Customer avatar. Target market.

These are the phrases that are used interchangeably to describe the fictional, generalized representations of the buyer persona most likely to purchase from you.

It is critically important to the success of your marketing, sales, product development, and delivery of services that you have a deep understanding of who your customer avatar is.

You've likely heard the phrase, "You can't hit a target you haven't set." This applies perfectly to the importance of having a clearly defined customer avatar, which will help you:

  • Determine which social platforms they are spending time on so you know where your business should be present and active

  • Be more effective in your advertising. Your marketing dollars will be well spent when you know where to advertise and who to target for maximum exposure.

  • Write copy that connects with your business avatar, which will give you a better understanding of their pain points, goals, and successes

  • Deliver and develop better products and services because you are able to anticipate your markets’ needs, behaviors, and concerns.

So, having a clearly defined avatar is important; the question is, "How do I create one?" Good news: it's not difficult if you ask the right questions.

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